Basma & Orwa

This Duo is a balance between the elegant heritage of Syrian songs and contemporary expressionism. With the words of Sufi poems, Basma lights the stage with the warmth of her voice surrounded by the deep and unique style of Orwa’s Oud.
This charismatic duo brought old Arabic melodies back to nowadays life and unified Arab generations all around the world, with their extraordinary redefinition of their heritage. The two Syrians never met in Damascus, but here in Vienna, they started working on many projects together, until they reached this Duo that explores with their music, using fewer elements and focusing on the possibilities, that one Oud and one voice could reach.

© Georg Cizek-Graf



Assembled by the Syrian Oud player and composer Orwa Saleh, this project is an expression of the new Austrian culture as a home of hope and diversity.
Musicians from Syria, Iran, and Austria are greathearted to lead
a magical journey into the world of music, words, and poems.
The elegant female voice of Basma Jabr telling stories from Syria to Mahan Mirarab's Guitar, who evokes the Persian spirit to put it in the balance of Sebastian Simsa and the deep beautiful sound of Judith Ferstl's Bass, surrounded all by the magical Oud that turned this project into a choreographed dance of warm melodies and thoughts.

© Jennifer Vass



Music In Touch

It is the longtime collaboration between the Austrian pianist Christoph Cech and the Syrian Oud player Orwa Saleh that makes this friendship visible on stage. They combine the well-tempered instrument, the piano, with the Oud and all its quartertones containing Maqqams. The trio MIT – Music in Touch, is Christoph Cech and Orwa Saleh with the brilliant improviser Andreas Schreiber on the violin. Through their music they take the audience on an unforgettable journey.

© George Cizek-Graf